Benefits of Teaching

Whether you have taught with us before or are new to our program, we invite you to experience our students’ enthusiasm for learning as you guide them through their first 2 years of clinical medicine.

We recognize that everyone is busy with caring for patients and running their practice, but what we hear from family practice preceptors time and time again is that their investment in time is rewarding. The students’ eagerness to learn energizes preceptors in their own practice and reminds them of what first drew them to medicine.

What you will receive:

  • Clinical faculty appointment at UBC
    (See the UBC Clinical Faculty website for more information including the Services & Perks of teaching)
  • Stipend (contact us for more details)
  • Campus Wide Login & UBC card
  • UBC email account
  • Full access to all UBC Library materials and services including medical journals and assistance from research librarians

Our heartfelt thanks

  • And most importantly, the enthusiasm and “thanks” from medical students who are embarking on their careers in medicine within a Family Practice environment.