What we require of you

  • Your enthusiasm, your time, your knowledge & skills and your experience!

What we are asking of our office-based preceptors

  • In first and second year, there are teaching opportunities ranging from 8 weeks (3 hours/week) in the fall of first year, 12 weeks (3 hours/week) in the spring of first year and 9 weeks (3 hours/week) in the fall of second year.
  • In first and second year, students spend only three hours per week with you. You are not required to teach every week as there are breaks for lectures as well as holidays. Alternate preceptors are available to fill in if you have to be away. Many new preceptors are concerned that taking a pair of students will slow them down in a busy office. While these are not senior students, they can be left alone with a patient while you are seeing your other patients. Many preceptors then go over the history with the student in front of the patient, filling in details and asking supplemental questions as they perform the regular components of their visit.
  • In between second and third year, there are full time teaching opportunities, for 4 weeks, from June until the end of August with the summer rural placement program.
  • As well, there are opportunities for teaching electives and selectives for fourth year medical students, which is a two or four week, full-time program.

What we are asking of our seminar facilitators

  • Afternoon seminars are held at UBC in the fall of 1st year (Tuesday/Thursday), and at VGH in the spring of 2nd year (Wednesday/Friday), and groups ideally include 8-10 students
  • Most of these seminars follow a case-based approach, and detailed facilitator instruction is available.

You do not need teaching experience

  • As a practicing clinician you have all the experience you need to guide and enthuse students in the practice of medicine. They will be meeting real patients in real offices with real problems for the first time. Helping them learn to talk to patients, to take a history and to practice some physical exam skills is all that is needed. The Family Practice Undergraduate Program course directors are all experienced preceptors and are available and always keen to help. We also have experienced resource physicians to answer your questions or provide guidance should you need it.  For more information please contact:  Kathryn Hill, Administrative Assistant (kathryn.hill@ubc.ca)